Members of the American Association of Women Dentists (AAWD), the Smiles For Success (SFS) Foundation was formed to assist women in transition from welfare to work who cannot afford the cost of dental care.


The Smiles for Success Foundation is soliciting all AAWD members interested in one of the new and exciting board positions for the 2020-2021 Board of Directors that will incorporate private practices into Smiles for Success. 

Current Open Positions and Job Descriptions are listed below

What you need to do:

Read and understand the requirements, roles, and expectations for the position in which you are interested.

If you want to nominate someone, including yourself, please fill out the nomination form on the Smiles for Success website using the link below. Be sure to indicate the candidate’s position of interest no later than noon on Monday, January 13, 2020.

(Click here to open the Nomination form!)

Please provide one-half to one page of comments explaining why the candidate is a good fit for the office along with qualifications. (Please note that current Board members are excluded from this requirement.)

General Requirements

  • Directors must be members of AAWD

  • Directors must be willing to serve a term of two years starting in January

  • Directors must have experience and an entrepreneurial spirit to ensure success

  • Directors must be willing to make the time commitment required by the position and are expected to spend at least 15 to 20 hours a month to accomplish the 2020-21 goals

  • Directors must attend no less than 10 monthly board meetings – absences must be granted approval by President

Executive Vice President – The Vice President shall have oversight authority over operational activities and recruit the AAWD provider network to accomplish the mission of the Smiles’ Foundation. As the operations officer, she will direct, coordinate and manage the activities of the Community Directors. Furthermore, in the absence of the President, the Vice President shall perform the duties of the President.

Secretary/Treasurer – The Secretary/Treasurer shall have responsibility for all recordkeeping activities, certify the Bylaws, the resolutions of the Board of Directors and any committees, and other documents of the Foundation as true and correct copies. As Treasurer, she shall have oversight responsibility for the financial condition of the Foundation and shall regularly report to the Board of Directors on the financial conditions of the Foundation and shall assist with the fundraising activities of Foundation.

Director of Practice Management – The Director of Practice Management is the team leader, program administrator, and point of contact for the pilot community private practice provider. She answers to the Foundation’s Vice President and coordinates staff interaction with the provider. The Vice President recruits and coordinates the onboarding of new volunteer dentists into the Director’s implementation schedule. This Director will be the Champion for the volunteer dentist, the project manager, and the program administrator for all new volunteer dentists seeking to establish the Smiles for Success program in her community. As the Champion, the position requires private practice experience with a sense of entrepreneurial spirit and the energy to train new volunteer providers on the administrative details of the program. As a team leader for the volunteer dentist, she shall schedules support activities, such as coaching sessions and community outreach activities provided by the Director of Community Programs and the Director of Community Sponsors.

Challenges: The position requires refinement of the program’s practice forms, administrative tasks, and implementation practices in a fluid environment for pilot programs in communities. The knowledge gained in solving administrative problems for pilot programs will be documented for future directors.

Director of Community Programs – The Director of Community Programs is the Board’s expert in community job placement agencies and public assistance programs for women. This Director works with the community dentist to identify, qualify, and approve public assistance organizations that help women find jobs. With the help of the community dentist, the Director of Community programs will contact local caseworkers, establish an appropriate patient referral process, and document case outcomes for future marketing and continuous feedback to community sponsors.

Challenges: The position requires a dentist with an interest in community volunteer programs and enough salesmanship skills to recruit and maintain the support of community public assistance case managers.  The knowledge gained in problem-solving for pilot programs will be documented for future directors.

Director of Community Sponsors – The Director of Community Sponsors is the Board’s expert in local fundraising and event management. This Director works with the community dentist to identify and secure funds for individual cases through pledges for each case from local churches, charities, and public assistance programs, and local AAWD chapters.

Challenges: The position requires a dentist with an interest in fundraising and relationship building skills to establish long-term community financial support. This Director will build a sustainable funding network by providing sponsors with case and personal progress reports on the impact of the funds donated. The knowledge gained from fundraising in the community will be documented for future directors.

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