Members of the American Association of Women Dentists (AAWD), the Smiles For Success (SFS) Foundation was formed to assist women in transition from welfare to work who cannot afford the cost of dental care.

Call for Nominations: Director of Grant Writing

The Smiles for Success Foundation (SFS Foundation) is seeking nominations for an experienced grant writer in academic dentistry who would like to be a member of the American Association of Women Dentists (AAWD) and serve on the Smiles for Success (SFS) board for the 2021-2023 term.  The position is a volunteer position, with a small time commitment to attend web based meetings/ tele conferences on a monthly basis and a couple of hours of work per week dedicated towards grant writing.

The purpose of the Foundation is to offer dental care to women enrolled in an accredited job readiness and placement programs or other community-based agencies thus helping those who are helping themselves; the dental care offered will be a short-term boost to those who need treatment unavailable to them through government programs or traditional insurance as they move from welfare to the working world.

Serving on our board is not only rewarding on a personal level but on a professional level too. The experience of serving on a national board and writing grants will truly help build an impressive academic CV to support your next academic promotion. This is a great opportunity to serve and the SFS board wanted to extend this opportunity to you. Please use the attached form to either self-nominate or nominate a colleague.

A candidate for Board of Directors will demonstrate the following attributes:

  • Maintain an Active or Affiliate membership in the American Association of Women Dentists (AAWD). (Required)
  • Have an interest in a leadership position
  • Attend meetings of the Board of Directors.
  • Have valuable experience as a grant writer in academic dentistry*
  • Be willing and able to serve a 2-year term as a Director
  • Uphold and respect the confidentiality required for the fair and impartial administration of the needs of program recipients
  • Not engage in any activity that could be considered a conflict of interest during his/her term of office.

*The Smiles for Success board would also consider this grant writing position as a development position. Training will be provided to the candidate for the first year of activity and would work closely with Board and management team researching grant offerings, past applications and developing templates under the guidance of internal and external mentors, to be sourced by the candidate.

Return Call for Nominations Form by September 1, 2021

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Here is a little about me. I want to help women in need in my local community.

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